At the 世界杯官方合作网站 we’re renowned for our friendly campus community. As an international student, you’ll become part of that community from the moment you arrive.

From the moment you apply to study here to the day of your graduation, we’ll make sure you get all the support you need to make the most of your Worcester student experience 和 fully realise your potential. 


世界杯官网中文版的国际欢迎节目中, we’ll be on h和 to support you as you get to grips with life as a student in the UK. There will be plenty of social activities to make sure that you quickly meet new friends, 和 you’ll find out all about the advice 和 information that is available to every 世界杯官方合作网站 international student. For more information about your international induction, remember to download the 国际 欢迎 Guidebook App on the 应用程序商店 or 谷歌玩.


The 国际体验团队 offers advice on every aspect of life as an international student in the UK. The Team also organises activities 和 events for our international students. You’ll never be short of an opportunity to learn all about life in the UK 和 at Worcester.  


English language support - before your course starts

If your IELTS score doesn’t currently meet our entry requirements then one of our Pre-Sessional 世界杯官网中文版 from the 学术英语和技能中心 也许适合你.  


Once you arrive in the UK you can improve your academic English 和 language skills by utilising the support offered at our 学术英语和技能中心


无论你是国内学生还是国际学生, starting university is likely to be different from anything that you’ve done before. 您将体验到现代课堂技术, 通常是第一次, 和 UK university learning can be very different from your previous studies. More information about what teaching is like at university can be found on our 欢迎节日网页.

University learning is based around lectures 和 seminars. Seminars in particular will give you opportunities to develop your ideas through conversations 和 discussions with other students 和 tutors. Independent study is also a key element of university learning, 和 you’ll probably spend a lot of time in our beautiful Hive library. 


世界杯官网中文版的专用 学习技巧网站 能帮你完成写作作业吗, 准备考试, 引导学术诚信等等! 世界杯官网中文版的 学习支持网页 also cover many of the people 和 services at The 世界杯官方合作网站 who can offer advice 和 support, helping you to make informed decisions about your study.